More than a feeling

Deja vu: a feeling of already experiencing the present situation

Indeed we have.

On this day last year, we were in the same hotel. Same decor, same menu, same view… We were 6 floors lower and 9 doors closer to the elevator, but that’s not enough to keep me from the “been here, done that, would prefer to not do this again” feeling.

We are now experiencing Pandemiquarancation vol. 12.


When I started using that word in 2020 to describe how we spent our school break, I thought we might end up with a trilogy. I never imagined we’d have more volumes than the Star Wars franchise. Yet, here we are.

poster with sketches of activities such as games, reading, exercise, learning Mandarin
Back when quarantine seemed like a fun adventure.

This is our third hotel quarantine. At the end of this week, in total, we will have spent 6 weeks of our lives locked in a room together. When the pandemic started, I made cute posters with different activities we could do throughout each day of our pandemiquarancation. I had energy and creativity and motivation. I tried to keep my kids from having too much screen time. Now, it’s every person for themselves.

Binge 4 seasons of your favorite Netflix series in a day? Sure.

Ice cream for lunch? OK.

Stare into the abyss for hours? Yeah, I’ve done that.

Anything that keeps us from devolving into a Lord of the Flies situation, I consider a successful outcome.

Meme of Kermit the Frog laying on his back that says “my goal for this weekend is to move just enough so no one thinks I’m dead.”
What quarantine has become.

At least this quarantine is shorter than the others. We are sentenced to just 7 days this time. Even better, since we arrived in Hong Kong at 10:30PM and Day 1, we only have 6 days locked in the room. We can do this!

Hopefully, this will be our last Pandemiquarancation. Hong Kong is looking into reducing or getting rid of the hotel quarantine requirements for inbound travelers. What a relief that would be.

Then again, I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before.

What do you think? I welcome your feedback.

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