Gluttony is a sin, right?


We returned to the hotel and spent the whole day at the pool and the beach.  I fell asleep off and on, and realized (too late) that I laid around too long.  Ouch!  Totally burned.  Ironically, everyone told me how dark I was getting before I left due to my pre-emptive tanning.  So much for that! 

After our day in the sun, we ate at El Gaucho.  They have some of the best food on the island.  Jim ordered a variety platter of 5 different meats including tenderloins, ribs and sausage.  I ordered a beef tenderloin.  It was the most amazing steak I’d ever eaten.  Seriously.  That is no exaggeration.  I also tried the traditional Argentinian tea in a mate cup.  It was delicious.  For dessert, Jim got a coconut sherbet.  Again, delicious.  Truly an exquisite dining experience.  The only drawback is that we ate so much, we had to go back to the resort to rest instead of hitting the town.  I wish there was a way to pack up that restaurant and take it with us.  It is one of our very favorites in all the places we’ve traveled.

We didn’t get to see the underwater wonders of Aruba, but we did get to enjoy the above-ground deliciousness.  Hopefully, we’ll have an underwater adventure later this week.


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