Time flies when you’re having fun

Today is the dreaded day.  The last day of vacation.  The day we have to say goodbye to the fantastic island and the lifestyle to which I would love to become accustomed.  Maybe someday that dream will come true.  For now, it’s back to reality.


We didn’t have to get to the airport until about 2:00 pm, so we had time in the morning to relax and walk around the resort one more time.  Of course, I took a few more pictures before leaving.  I kept joking with Jim all week that this sign meant, “caution, breakdancers ahead.”  He probably got tired of hearing it, but I didn’t get tired of saying it.

After checking out of the resort, it was time to head downtown. We wanted to walk by the pier and in the park one more time — mostly because I wanted to take more pictures.  Apparently, 400+ just wasn’t enough for me!

After walking on the pier we had one last Aruban/Dutch meal.  We ate at a Dutch pancake cafe.  We both ordered crepes.  I had no idea there were so many different kinds of crepes.  Jim and I each chose a different “nationality” to each.  

Jim had the German style and I had the French.  De-Li-Cious is all I can say.  They were so incredibly yummy! 

We had one last adventure awaiting us in Aruba.  We arranged to take a tour of the International School of Aruba before going to the airport.  Jim and I have had the idea of teaching overseas in the back of our minds for a while now.  I think we would have already pursued it, if not for the custody arrangements with the girls.  We certainly don’t want to leave them behind, and they would never be allowed to come see us (but that’s the subject of a different blog entirely), so until they graduate from high school, we will be in the Cities.

We met the headmaster of the school, Paul Sibley, and had a nice, short (it’s a small school) tour.  As usual on the island, everyone we met at the school was very friendly.  After our tour, Mr. Sibley was kind enough to sit down and talk with us about his experience teaching internationally.  He has been doing it for many years and has had many placements.  It was great to hear the ups and downs of teaching overseas.  It gave us a lot to think about…but mostly, I think it made us want to do it even more.  

Following our tour, it was time to return our rental car and get ready to board the plane.  This time, getting on our flight went off without a hitch.  Why is it that there are never delays and problems going home – why do they always happen going to the destination?  No upgrade to first class for us this time.  We just settled in to our seats, said goodbye to the island, and looked forward to getting home.  Jim entertained himself on the trip home by playing a new game he downloaded onto his phone, while I was entertained by the 4 year old in front of me who wanted to play hide-and-seek.  It made me think of Van and how happy I was to be heading home to see him (and Grammie and Grampie, who I couldn’t thank enough for staying with him for the week).


We got home and, wouldn’t you know it, there was one last adventure to be had.  Jim had given his parents the garage door opener from his car so they could get in and out of our house easily.  The problem was, we took his car to the airport.  So, when we got home (at 12:15am) there was no garage door opener in our car, instead there was one in my car, which was in the garage, and one in Grampie’s car.  Of course, the doors of the house were locked.  As Jim searched around the house for unlocked doors or hidden keys (there were none of either), I tried the door of Grampie’s car.  Jackpot!  Grampie left it unlocked!  My joy soon turned to frustration, though, as I searched but did not find a garage door opener in the car.  Who takes the garage door opener into the house at night?  I guess Grampie does.  So, we had no choice but to try to wake up Jim’s folks.  It took a lot of doorbell ringing, pounding on the door, and even calling on the phone, but we finally got in.  At last, we were in our home and off to sleep in our own bed.

Although our Planes, Trains, and Automobile adventure started and ended with some glitches, it was a great adventure indeed.  I’m anxiously and excitedly looking forward to our next one.  We are planning a cross-country roadtrip with all 3 kids piled into our Aztek.  Yes… we are gluttons for punishment!  Wish us luck and stay tuned for the next exciting adventure~  

One thought on “Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. Lovely to hear that you had a very good time! The last days of holidays is always the worst! The only really positive thing in this moment is that the next holidays will come at some point 🙂


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