A Day to Unwind

Today was a day to relax as we ended our week in Hershey, PA.  Originally we were going to go to Gettysburg, but we decided we really needed a day to relax and kick back after doing so much site-seeing this week.

We finally left our room around noon.  We wandered across the street to an outlet mall.  We strolled leisurely around there and did a bit of shopping.  We grabbed lunch at Subway.  We strolled a bit more.  Then we found our way back across the street to the resort.  


We found out there was a crafting activity going on this afternoon.  You could paint a birdhouse for just $1.  The kids decided they wanted to participate in that.  It was fun to sit and watch their creativity flow.  Van only got a little bit of help from me, which may be why his house looks a little like a Picasso.  I thought he did pretty well for his age.  Bre’s house is very neat.  Brooke’s is very colorful.   All of them turned out so well.  

After painting, there was an intense foosball tournament.  Bre and Brooke vs. Jim (and Van, sort of).  It was fun to watch.  Following the rousing foosball tournament, we all went in the pool.  

Friday the 13th turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing day for the NewGriswolds.  It was a little shocking that there were no major mishaps given the date.  It was definitely a lucky day for us.


What do you think? I welcome your feedback.

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