Stop and build a Rosie

This morning we took another step in our journey to Bahrain.

We interviewed a nanny.


I’ve never interviewed someone for the job of housekeeper/cook/nanny/ take-care-of-all-us. As teachers, let’s just say having hired help was beyond our pay grade. And interviewing someone via Skype… well, we don’t have flying cars, but it seems pretty Jetson-esque to me. What do you ask? What should you expect?

I went through an exhaustive interview process for daycare for the boys, of course. This is different. We’re moving to a new country. We know no one. We arrive late in the evening and the very next day we have to be in meetings. Our children have to go somewhere or have someone with them. STRESS!!!

The person we interviewed was wonderful. She obviously has a great relationship with this family. But, we aren’t them. How do we know if she’ll be a good fit for us? And what if we hire her and… she isn’t?

That’s why the Jetsons had their robot housekeeper.

I’m going to check the garage for materials and start building our own Rosie…

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