Sweet Home Al…Manama

Today is a milestone. I feel like we should hop on the latest baby picture trend and take a photo with a big badge that reads “2 months” on it. We aren’t 2 months old, but our life in Bahrain is. 

What does being 2 months old in Bahrain mean? 

It means we finally feel settled in our house. It helps that our shipment finally arrived (it only took twice as long as promised). We’ve unpacked the boxes and hung pictures in the walls. Our villa is now referred to as “home.”

It means we can drive around the country without using Google Maps for everything. We know the main routes and can find our own way most places. We’re even getting accustomed to the driving skills of others. Our characterization of other drivers has gone from absolutely terrifying to moderately annoying. It helps that we are driving a tank-sized car now. We feel much safer. 

It means we figured out where the post office is and mailed our first package to the US. What did we mail? Our absentee ballots! We have officially voted.

It means going to the bank or post office, taking a number, and waiting our turn no longer seems strange. It also means seeing women in Abayas shopping in Victoria’s Secret no longer seems strange. Well, ok…still a little,  maybe.

It means we have made connections within the community. Besides the people at work, we are meeting people from across the island. We joined the Bahrain Rugby Club and the Irish Society. We are on Gaelic Football and Rugby teams. Jim’s checked out both nearby golf courses (I’m trying to talk him into being a guest blogger so he can share his experience on a sand course). All of these activities help us feel more and more at home. 

Most of all, it means time is passing quickly. Before we know it, it will be June and we’ll be packing up to fly back across the ocean. 

We have a lot of adventures to fit in the next 8 months. Better get going! 

What do you think? I welcome your feedback.

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