Who are The New Griswolds?

The New Griswolds came into being on August 9, 2004. Some people would call this our wedding anniversary, but we have always referred to it as our family birthday. We dubbed ourselves The New Griswolds because of my husband’s quest to have the best Christmas decorations in the neighborhood, our love of travel, and the fact that we usually have a mis-adventure or two on each trip we take.

We decided early on that travel would always be a high priority. Our family travels started with a destination wedding in St. Thomas, USVI. Our first misadventure as The New Griswolds happened even before we were officially a family. When we planned our wedding day and time, we forgot to consider high tide. The beach we planned to be married on nearly disappeared. Our toes were in the water, but it was a beautiful ceremony.


Since then, we’ve added 2 additional Griswolds to the mix. Our sons definitely add to the adventure.

We decided to “take our show on the road” (actually the plane) and move our family across the globe.

We lived in Bahrain for 4 years. Living in the Middle East was a wonderful experience. The people are was warm as the temperatures. And the shawarma and karak are delicious!

Now, in the middle of a global pandemic (perhaps not the best timing), we changed countries again. We are in Hong Kong. It is a big change from the brown deserts of Bahrain. We love being surrounded by the green lands and blue waters.

We are excited about the many adventures (and mis-adventures) ahead. Stay tuned…

What do you think? I welcome your feedback.

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