Celebrating Sixes

Today was the day Jim had been waiting for.  It was a very important day.  Now, you may think I’m referring to the fact that it was our anniversary.  No – though I know that is important to him, too.  I’m referring to the fact that we went on a tour of Heinz Field.

Jim has been a Steelers fan since he was little.  I can’t blame him.  Six Superbowl titles is very impressive.  All I can brag about with the Vikings is 4 Superbowl losses and having a very successful, though geriatric, quarterback on the team…maybe.  The only time our varied loyalties caused problems was when we went to the Steelers/Vikings game at the Metrodome.  There was a horribly blown call.  Jim, since it was to the Steelers advantage, disagreed.  I argued the case strongly and was backed by the majority of fans in the stands.  There were a few tense moments, but we left the game together, so there was no long-term damage done.  At any rate, call it my gift to Jim that we were in Heinz Field for our anniversary. 

Heinz Field is very impressive.  It is a beautiful stadium.  When we entered for our tour, we were in the mezzanine area.  All 6 Superbowl trophies are on display, each in its own tall pillar that is a replica of the trophy itself.  I looked at Jim as we walked in, and he had goosebumps.  No kidding.  I could fool myself into thinking it was because he was so overwhelmed with emotion due to me being by his side as his wife for the past 6 years, but I know it was from being in the presence of those 6 trophies.  Our tour brought us through the locker rooms, media booth, a private suite, the administrative offices, a hall of history, and to the field.  We were not allowed to stand on the field.  Apparently the grass is very delicate.  We were allowed to walk right up next to it, though.  I thought, “It looks like regular grass.”  I knew better than to voice this, since obviously there must be something special about this grass.  Maybe the Vikings should look into this.  We learned a lot about the history of the team and the Rooney family.  It was a very good tour…even for a Vikings fan like me.


After out tour we found another DDD place to eat.  Big Jim’s.  It was hidden away off the beaten path.  It took us a while to figure out how to get there, but it was worth it.  This was a dive.  Definitely.  The service was good, though the waitress didn’t smile until she found out we were from Minnesota (she had a roommate from Minnesota).  The food was great.  And the portions were unbelievable!  I tried their Italian Wedding Soup and garlic bread.  Delicious.  The girls each had a half a hoagie (meatball for Bre and chicken parmesan for Brooke).  Half a sandwich was too much – and only $4.98.  Jim had a roast beef sandwich.  I was amazed the waitress could carry it out by herself!  We really enjoyed this place.

After lunch it was time to head out on the highway once again.  Destination: Hershey, PA.  The place we would call home for the next 5 nights.  Even though this trip was the shortest of the journey so far, it seemed to take forever.  I think there is something about a road trip that messes with the space-time continuum.  

When we arrived at The Suites at Hershey, our great friends, Carrie & Ryan, were waiting for us along with their incredibly cute 6 month old son, Mason.  We were so excited that they were able to come and share a couple days of our vacation with us.  We spent some time chatting and getting settled, then it was time to head for the pool.  I watched (still suitless) as the others enjoyed the pool.  Even little Mason got in on the action.  It was great to see all the kids having so much fun, and an excellent way to unwind from the long trip.

We all got settled in after swimming and discussed the adventures the next day would bring.  Tomorrow = Hershey’s Chocolate World.  Yummy, yum, yum, yum!


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