Just like home… but different

Well, it happened. We had our first meltdown. It was to be expected. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I just didn’t imagine it would happen over a Starbucks drink.

Let me back up…

As we were shopping at a mall in Bahrain on our first day off – Friday (the work week is Sunday-Thursday, which will take some getting used to), the boys spotted a Starbucks. They were thrilled.

Let me back up further…

This spring, as our days in Minnesota became limited, Sundays came to be known as “Frappucino Sundays.” We would stop at Starbucks on our way to church as a way to get a little special treat.

Let me back up even further…

About a year ago, a Starbucks opened 2 blocks from our house. Prior to that, I wasn’t much of a Starbucks fan. This Starbucks changed everything. Since it was directly on my way to work and the Starbucks app let me order from home and just walk in and pick up my drink, I was all in. By the way, if you ever have a chance to stop at the Starbucks on 109th & 65 in Blaine, MN, do it. Look for Reese. He’s the most friendly and helpful barista. Say hi from me and tell him I will be adding blue back to my hair soon!

Moving forward…

Sundays became very special days in our house when we got involved with Center Church. Our son’s friend’s Dad is the pastor and asked us to be part of the church plant group. [That’s a story for a different post.] One of the hardest parts of deciding to move to Bahrain was knowing we would be away from the people who became like family through the Church.

Late this Spring, as the day of our move got closer, going to Church became harder and harder emotionally. To bring a little joy, and spoil us a bit, we would stop at Starbucks on the way. The boys love their Frappuccinos. Kar’s favorite is Vanilla Bean. Van’s is Cotton Candy, followed by Strawberries and Cream, with Lemon Bar. Jim’s is Chai. To be honest, I’d never tried a Frappuccino until I discovered they could make them decaf and SKINNY! Now, I’m hooked on the Coffee Light or Mocha Light or Light Cinnamon Dolce. Frappuccino Sundays was born! 

Moving forward further…

Here we were in a mall in Bahrain and the boys spot a Starbucks. Of course, they asked if they could have a Frappuccino. Of course, I said “YES!” They’ve been incredibly patient and adapted so well so far, especially considering almost all of their stuff is stuck in our shipment on the Atlantic somewhere! We go to the counter…

Jim tries to order his favorite. No. They don’t make Chai Frappuccino’s here. He chooses a Caramel Cream Frappuccino instead. Ok.

Karston tries to order his favorite. No. They don’t make Vanilla Bean here. They do, however, make just a plain Vanilla Cream. I order that for him. Within those few moments, he had decided he wanted a donut instead.  The problem is, I didn’t know that. He starts crying, “I wanna DONUT!!!!!” I finally got him calmed down enough to order a donut for himself. A minor victory. Meanwhile, we still had that Vanilla Frappuccino on it’s way.

Van tries to order his favorite. No. No Cotton Candy. He asks for Strawberries and Cream. No! No Strawberries and Cream here! He asks for Lemon Bar. No!! No Lemon Bar here!! At this point, the meltdown for both boys really begins.

Tears. Actual tears. The stress of the move, the sadness about leaving their friends, the frustration with not having their toys, games, and other items, the strangeness of this new place… it all came out. It’s understandable. It’s frustrating when it happens in public, but it’s understandable.

In the end, Jim had is Frappuccino, Kar ended up with his donut, Van drank the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino (and loved it!), and I, for the first time ever, was the only one who got exactly what I’d wanted from the start… and my Grande Decaf, Light Mocha Frappuccino w/No Whip never tasted so good!

We found a Starbucks!!!!

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