The first day…

Today was the day I’d been preparing for, in one way or another, since last January. I began my 24th (that can’t possibly be right!) year of teaching.

I was nervous.

I felt unprepared.

I was confused.

I felt a little lost.

I was excited.

I was curious.

In other words, it was just like each of the last 23 ‘first days of school’ I’ve had as a teacher.

The difference this time was I wasn’t just the school year that was new. I had new students. I was teaching new classes. I was in a new school. I had all new colleagues. I was living in a new home. I had a new car. I was eating new foods. I was in a new country!

It. all. was. new!!!

About halfway through the day I realized that no matter how new everything seemed…the important things were really the same.img_1116

School is school.

Kids are kids.

And now I have 24 years of “first day” stories to tell.

This is going to be one amazing year!


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